This work dealing with Muscovites was carried out in two different moments. The first part, made up of a series of black and white portraits: these photographs were taken in 1991 during the two weeks immediately following the coup d’etat in August, in a distinct and unique moment in the history of the then Soviet Union. Exactly ten years later, in September 2001, the second part was added: a series of portraits that reveal the changes which had taken place in the intervening years. The same approach: all the portraits were taken using large format (with a 10x12 mounted optics camera) and the same setting: the Muscovites were collected in strategic points of the city, in roads and thoroughfares with political and cultural significance; they render the metamorphoses in the social fabric of the Russian capital even more evident. All the portraits 1991-2001 were taken with active participation of the Muscovites, who thus give a direct testimonial of the human and social types within the capital. The choices of black and white for the portraits of 1991 and color for those of 2001 permit an immediate chronological classification of the images.